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Sales Ideas That Work Now

Do the classic sales methods still work in the Internet Age? Here’s a look at how today’s advisors are taking the sales lessons of yesterday and making them relevant for a new generation of clients.

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The Science of Selling

Al Granum, who died at 91 in January 2014, left behind a system for selling insurance that remains universally accepted and is still used today

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Follow the Right Road Map to Guide Clients to IUL

The road to attaining sufficient retirement income can be potholed by rising inflation, taxes, soaring medical expenses and long-term care costs. Indexed universal life insurance can help smooth the ride...

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How to Move On Up to the Advanced Market

The advanced markets provide an opportunity for you as an agent to increase your skill set by learning new sales concepts, and they open up a potentially lucrative new prospect pool...

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A ‘Saw-Tooth’ Pattern to Cut Risk, Increase Returns

Three strategies to increase the total return and minimize risk to an individual retirement account after required minimum withdrawals have begun...

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Group-to-Individual Migration Spurs Private Exchange Growth

Recent data shows that the shift away from group to individual health insurance coverage is underway, but is occurring at a slower rate than many experts predicted...

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Tax Code Changes Can Spark a Client Conversation

Buried within the tax code are a number of changes that can prompt a discussion with clients and position you as a valuable resource...

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OK, I’m on LinkedIn — Now What?

With 400 million users, LinkedIn is a giant database just waiting for you to slice and dice to find the right prospects and turn these online connections into clients...

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Pain Vs. Gain Part 2: How Direction Drives Sales

Buyers are motivated by one of two things: pain or gain. How do you use that motivation to your benefit? Dan Seidman, author of The Ultimate Guide to Sales Training, explores how to differentiate the two types of buyers and use their motivation as part of a larger sales process.

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How To Get Robo-Advisors to Work For You

The financial advisor business model will evolve to keep pace with technology as advisors look to include technology-driven alternatives in their practices...

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5 Ways to Teach Your Clients How to Be Your Happy Advocates

Incorporating referral building into your regular activities will make it easy for your clients to bring people to your door...

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Advisors Defend Clients’ Real Best Interest in Fighting DOL

Behind the scenes of a client’s happy retirement is a contingent of advisors working more subtly to address laws and regulations that could derail the client’s financial plans...

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Ride-Sharing Services Changing Lives of Those With Special Needs

Innovations in technology will touch those involved in planning for the economic security of people living with special needs...

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