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Annuity Buyers Shift, Bringing an Industry Along With Them

The latest LIMRA annuity buyers survey shows the changing objectives that are driving sales.

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How to Sit at the Head of the Affluent Table

Marketing legend Dan Kennedy unlocks the door to the high-net-worth market.

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The Gray Horizon

What will happen to the dispersed, vast population of baby boomers when they start shuffling through nursing home doors to live out their ever-extending lives?

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Focus on the ‘Life’ in Insurance For Next-Generation Clients

Life insurance for the living is a way to make a product relevant to younger generations of consumers.

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Overseas Clients: Underwriting Obstacles, Lucrative Opportunity

It can be a challenge to get coverage for foreign nationals and U.S. citizens who spend extended periods abroad. But with the right kind of preparation, you can serve their unique needs.

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Four Annuity Myths and How To Overcome Them

When the media make annuities sound like unsafe financial ventures, clients are afraid to buy them. Here is how you can cut through the misconceptions.

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Not Too Late: An Annuity Can Help Clients Who Need LTC Now

A medically underwritten single-premium immediate annuity converts assets into guaranteed, monthly income that begins immediately and is paid for the rest of the care recipient’s life.

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How to Make Shopping for Insurance More Like Online Buying

Five ways brokers can simplify health plan shopping and enrollment for consumers

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The Top 3 Prospect Attractors

Prospects consider several characteristics when choosing an advisor, but some qualities particularly stand out.

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8 Simple Ways to Get More (and Better) Client Referrals

Advisors are often reluctant to ask for referrals and clients are uncomfortable giving them. How to break the deadlock.

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Small-Business Perspective of Big Ideas for Retirement

Small-business owners in Connecticut showed guarded interest in a state-run retirement plan for their employees.

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Why Financial Literacy Should Start at Home

Help clients’ children understand the four key areas of personal finance: saving, spending, investing and donating.

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Finding Success by Serving Main Street America

Start by going above and beyond what is expected, acting as a resource, and playing an active role in the community.

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Help Abused Women Reach Financial Freedom

Victims of domestic abuse may find their abuser also has damaged their financial life.

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