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  1. Simplified Issue Single Premium Whole Life With Living Benefits

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  2. Purchasing and generating leads now and in the future

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  3. New Episodes of IGNITE with Paul Feldman are live!

    The greatest minds on the planet reveal how to ignite exponential growth in your business.

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    Learn about the first UNCAPPED indexed account with: S&P® tracking • 100% participation • NO spread

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  6. Advisors Needed to Partner with Local CPAs

    Our network of CPAs are looking for advisor like you – view the program now!

  7. Advisors Needed to Partner with Local CPAs

    Our network of CPAs are looking for advisor like you – view the program now!

  8. Maximize a legacy in one premium with Midland National!

    Easy tell. Simple sell. XL Heritage IUL is life insurance everyone can understand. View White Paper.

  9. Optimize a legacy in one premium with North American!

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  10. The 4% Rule is theory. And it's flawed.

    Show your clients a strategy including FIAs to help them manage longevity risk in retirement.

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