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3 Tips to Gaining a Scrappy Advantage in 2017
As we look ahead toward 2017, I say let’s put a little flair in our resolutions for the New Year and try something entirely different. How about a Scrappy New Year? Here are a few tips to help you stand out from the crowd.
  1. It all starts with attitude.
    Having a scrappy attitude is characterized by your mindset and speaks to your fighting spirit. It’s about the “fire in your belly” and a determined nature that can’t really be quantified. When you foster a scrappy attitude, you’re far more likely to commit to making a scrappy play, and when you do, it changes your perspective. You are not going to get scrappy every day, but certain situations call for a scrappy effort. 

  2. Craft a truly clever strategy.
    A scrappy strategy encompasses all of your efforts: research, due diligence and sweat equity. Whatever the goal, it’s crucial to customize your strategy to meet the needs of the recipient and separate yourself from the competition. Remember, the idea is to move your intention forward while also dazzling the key decision- maker. The more you know about the person, the easier it will be to tailor your strategy for maximum effect. So do some homework and ask these key questions:
    • What do I know about this individual or the people on this committee?
    • What might be a classy way to approach this person or group?
    • Have I ever met this person, or is he or she a complete stranger? If they’re a stranger, whom do I know who might be able to introduce me or at least give me additional information about them?
  3. Execute — put your tush (a little) on the line.
    Scrappy execution is about putting your plan of action into play. This part of your scrappy effort includes considering your risk tolerance, thinking through your plan, going forward and leaving a little room for serendipity. If you want your circumstances to change, at some point you have to stop strategizing and launch. My advice is to start small with a simple play and then build up from there.

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