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A Seat At The Table

“No, no, don’t touch that!” her vigilant grandfather would yell. From an early age, Cait Howerton became a master of semantics and rebellion — not touching that same precious breakable again, but moving on to the next curious, yet-to-be-held object.

Again, her grandfather would yell, “No, no, don’t touch that!” to which a toddling Howerton would retort, “Paw Paw, I’m just wookin.”

This “tenacious curiosity,” as Howerton described it, is a trait that she still possesses.

Howerton, 29, is using that tenacious curiosity in a much different way than her younger self. She is a certified financial planning candidate, taking her exam for the CFP designation next month, and is also the recipient of the Financial Planning Association’s 2019 Diversity Scholarship. Along the way, Howerton has put her curious nature to good use, always trying to understand the “why” or “how come” and even the “why not.”

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