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Buckle Up, There's Opportunity Down The Road

In 2010 we faced a challenging, but also rewarding year. From ever-changing regulations and compliance demands, to slimmer carrier margins, to a more difficult sales environment, the industry road has been tricky to navigate.


But as you prepare for 2011, you have the ability to choose your mindset. Will you tackle 2011 bleary-eyed and jaded? Or enthusiastic to fill the gaps where your clients need help? In fact, opinions vary on the industry's state of affairs. When I talked to some companies and distributors the message was sometimes bleak-lower compensation and compliance headaches come to mind. But when I spoke to a few top producers recently, I heard another story-that they are doing better than ever, that their clients are buying, that they are a valuable source of trust and peace of mind at a time of great uncertainty. That's what you represent, and your clients need you.
This month's feature by industry veteran Linda Koco sheds light on what's to come. As she states, "Year 2011 will see the arrival of many new federal agencies that agents will need to watch." The confusing health reform environment, a new regulation about compensation disclosure, the changing guard on insurance regulation-these are just three things that matter to you, and which will see movement in the new year. But fear is not an option. In fact, the mantra of "back to basics" is more important ever. The security of annuities, the protection of cash value life insurance and the need for LTCi are all still critical.
The key to your success? Simplicity. By simplifying your message at a time of confusion, you will achieve a chief step in the process of selling successfully in 2011. This is true, regardless of your product line focus.
And there's a law to this type of success. This issue also features a phenomenal interview between our publisher Paul Feldman and sales guru Brian Tracy, best known for his book, The Psychology of Selling. Tracy offers invaluable insights for your business-and, during the rough road ahead, these are strategies that can help ensure a higher level of focus for your success in the new year. Be sure to also check out a special new feature called "CEO Outlook" which this month showcases the thoughts and insights of Wendy Waugaman, CEO and president of American Equity.
Look for more of these special sections to come, as we help connect carriers with producers in our goal to educate, inform and transform your business for the good.
We are excited to enter a new year as the premier publication in the insurance industry-and we thank you for your valued readership. Let's enjoy the ride together.

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