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Outrageous Advisor Marketing

Imagine if you had a calendar full of clients who were ready to do business with you, on your terms, and were ready to invest all their money with you. Plus, they were delightful people to work with and they loved you and your staff.

That would certainly be ideal, wouldn't it? The question is this: Is that possible, or is this merely an exercise in fantasy? I believe that over the next 700 words or so of this article, I will convince you that it is in fact possible.

First, here's the background. In a special consultation offer that I call Total Market Domination, I help producers figure out who their avatar client is, how to attract more avatars and ultimately eliminate working with uncooperative and difficult clients. As a reader of InsuranceNewsNet Magazine and more specifically my column, Outrageous Advisor Marketing, you are going to learn exactly how I helped these top producers gain intense focus on the "right" kind of client. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Gain crystal-clear insight into how much money you want to make. If you immediately thought, "As much as possible, stupid," then you are in trouble. Success isn't created by desire, it's created by action-more specifically, intelligent action.

Here is how we identify how much we truly want. Think about these: You open your eyes in the morning-is this the right bedroom for you? When you go to the kitchen, is it what you really want? Your house-is this your dream home? Is it the best home for you, your spouse and your kids? You're driving to work-are you in the car you want to drive? Your office-is it in the right part of town? Is there a better building with more prestige, a building that would be more comfortable for your clients? Your staff-are they superstars or are you tolerating their professional inadequacies? How much do you earn? Is there an amount that you always identified as representative of true success-maybe a million dollars a year net? Maybe more?

In order to hit your target, you must know where you really want to go. Imagine getting on a plane and hearing the pilot say, "OK, we are taking off for Cleveland," when you want to go to Orlando-you have to know where you want to land.

Step 2: Determine who are the best clients you have or have ever had. Make note of their name, age, where they retired from, what organizations they belong to, their religion, charities, etc.

Step 3: Consider the four or five bestever clients and put them at a dinner party together. What would they talk about? What books do you think they are reading? What TV shows do they watch? What do they have in common? Religion? Politics? What would they all agree on? What would offend them all?

Analyze your data and then formulate Your Maximum Impact Book Title. For me, this flushed out as "The Invasion of the Money Snatchers." As you can see, it visually speaks to conservative seniors who aren't thrilled with the current administration. Why did I choose this theme? Because this is the kind of book I saw my avatar clients reading when I did this practice-building exercise.

How would my avatar clients find this book? I imagined that my avatar clients watch the Fox News Network. So, I created a two-minute, infomercial-style TV ad pitching my book and airing exclusively on the Fox News Network. Conceptually, more avatars will come and "raise their hand," asking for a copy of my book. The book I send to ad responders will include a 17-page report on "How to Find and Retain the Best Advice Givers." That how-to white paper will be about why my firm is their best choice. The report is actually six separate reports that all come to the same conclusion-hire me.

How would my avatar clients want me to show up? In a world of 3,000 marketing messages a day, I'd imagine my avatar clients would want me to get to them quickly. So, my report, book and cover letter are all FedEx'd the day they request the information. Literally, my avatar clients will get their information the day after they request it.

My avatar clients do NOT want to be sold… or at least they think that! The last thing I want my avatar to think is that I am just another salesman. I show up, via FedEx, as the author, the authority and the leading expert. I explain in detail that I absolutely will NOT call them; ultimately, it is their responsibility to act on this new information. I don't solicit-hungry-wolf financial salespeople do that. I'm an expert, not a salesman. I imagine most avatar clients would have desires that are similar to those above. There is no better use of your time on a quiet evening than to consider the three steps above and host that dinner party in your mind. This powerful exercise affords me great peace of mind because, while most financial advisors are "battening down the hatches" to weather a deeper period of recession, I'll market to my avatar clients harder and more than I ever have before-ensuring that 2011 will be my best year ever.

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