Guaranteed Income Amount Depends On Client, Timing

Researchers looked at fixed indexed annuities, deferred income annuities, single premium immediate annuities and variable annuities. Here is what they found.

December 2018 |  Read Article

Could Indexed Annuities Steal The Spotlight From VAs?

The variable annuity market’s recovery could be overshadowed by competition from the indexed annuity market segment.

November 2018 |  Read Article

Commissions Vs. Fees: What’s Really The Client’s Best Interest?

Annuity commissions may have been given a bad rap in today’s best-interest-driven world. But are they really hurting clients?

October 2018 |  Read Article

7 Ways Annuities Can Solve Your Clients’ Financial Problems

How to identify annuity sales opportunities lurking in the midst of your clients’ financial challenges.

October 2018 |  Read Article

Index-Linked Annuity Segment Getting Crowded

The index-linked annuity market has been growing stronger in recent quarters, and that is good and bad news for one carrier. Meanwhile, advisors seeking to match clients with the best annuity benefits need accurate tools to help protect them in an era of regulatory pressure, analysts said.

September 2018 |  Read Article

Selecting The Most Suitable Income Rider For Your Client

The complexity of a lifetime income benefit rider benefit crediting can raise questions if a suitability-based recommendation becomes an issue.

September 2018 |  Read Article

Beneath The Lull, Carriers Are Reshaping Annuities For Advisors

The annuity industry is trying to find out where the market is, an industry analyst said, while the marketplace makes some shifts in the face of flat sales.

August 2018 |  Read Article

Commentary: Climbing Out Of The Rabbit Hole On Annuity Suitability

Clearing through the confusion of whether annuities are suitable for clients.

August 2018 |  Read Article

Is Bigger Better When It Comes To LIBR Pricing On Indexed Annuities?

The complexity of lifetime income benefit rider pricing creates the illusion of a better product.

July 2018 |  Read Article

Annuities Can Help Boomers Consider Wealth Transfer Plans

Positioning a fixed annuity as a wealth transfer vehicle is a great way to help clients ensure they are leaving their lifetime of savings to their heirs as intended.

June 2018 |  Read Article

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