Delay of DOL Rule Expected To Spike Annuity Sales in 2018

LIMRA analysts say a combination of rising interest rates and a delay in the fiduciary rule will help annuity sales rebound this year.

February 2018 |  Read Article

Annuities Are the Cure for a Risk-Infected Retirement

By concentrating on prescribing the right annuity prescription for your client’s retirement, you will find success in annuity sales.

January 2018 |  Read Article

Annuities Can Make a Trustee’s Tough Job Easier

Trustees tasked with a tough job are using annuities in trusts to leverage the benefits of both.

January 2018 |  Read Article

Bonus vs. Index Crediting Potential: Which One Is Better?

Weighing the long-term account values of a bonus annuity with lower crediting caps against a non-bonus annuity with higher crediting caps.

December 2017 |  Read Article

Will Fixed Indexed Annuities Have Another Record-Setter?

Between the fiduciary rule delay and enhanced features, FIAs could see a sales frenzy in the second half of 2017, some observers say.

November 2017 |  Read Article

Carriers Releasing More Fee-Based FIAs

More companies are adding fee-based fixed indexed annuities to their product mix, as the industry adapts to the fiduciary rule. But will advisors warm to selling them?

November 2017 |  Read Article

Taking a Look Into the Annuity Sales Crystal Ball

New fee-based annuities, bringing products to market faster and more transparency in how agents are paid are just some of the main developments in play within the annuity sales industry.

October 2017 |  Read Article

Annuities Outperform CDs Even at the Same Rate

Tax deferral laws make annuities a great option for clients planning for retirement. But what should advisors be looking for in crafting an effective plan to take advantage of annuities?

October 2017 |  Read Article

Is It Time for Safety-Seeking Clients to Look at Fixed Annuities?

A look at how fixed annuities stack up against bond mutual funds.

September 2017 |  Read Article

Research Tools Helping Agents Comply With DOL Rules

New annuity research tools will help advisors demonstrate that their recommendations are in the best interest of clients.

September 2017 |  Read Article