Mass Disruption: The Latest State Reg Rattles The Industry

Massachusetts is widening the fiduciary scope to cover more suitability business.

February 2020 |  Read Article

2020: Regulators See Clear Path On Rules

An annuity sales standard could be on the horizon in 2020.

January 2020 |  Read Article

Financial Services’ Long Overdue #MeToo Moment

Why is the financial services world only now being held accountable for its actions and inactions?

December 2019 |  Read Article

Has Politics Permeated Socially Responsible Investing?

Some wonder whether the financial services industry has a political bias toward environmental, social and governance investing.

November 2019 |  Read Article

Climate Change Gets Life Insurers’ Attention

Climate change has the potential to affect human life expectancy, which is one reason why life insurers must examine the possible consequences of a warming world.

November 2019 |  Read Article

Insurers Exit N.Y.; Trump Turns Up Heat On Fed

Insurers are unsure how to prepare for some of New York’s best-interest regulations, while Trump pushes for lower rates.

October 2019 |  Read Article

Dem Hopefuls Fine-Tune Health Care Ideas As 2020 Draws Closer

Democratic candidates are fine-tuning their plans for the future of heath care.

September 2019 |  Read Article

Is Congress Set To Unlock A Bulging Annuity Market?

Congress looks at a retirement security package that could boost annuity sales, while Medicare for All heats up the Democratic Presidential race.

August 2019 |  Read Article

Laws, Regulation Target Insurance Products

There’s no such thing as summer vacation from laws and regulations that affect the insurance industry.

July 2019 |  Read Article

States Taking The Lead On Financial Regs, LTCi

Nevada is one state moving forward on financial advice rules while Washington state approved a long-term care benefit for its residents.

June 2019 |  Read Article

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