Stars Align for Tax Reform Chance

As attention pulls away from health care, Republicans work on coalescing tax plans.

May 2017 |  Read Article

On Being Undeniably Good

May 2017 |  Read Article

How Big Data Makes a Small World

They mean off and on, or absence of power and presence of power in computer speak. This switch is the basis of digital data

December 2014 |  Read Article

Proposed Sec Rule Targets Compensation That Encourages Risk

The proposed rules recognize the significant advantages of deferred compensation in aligning the long-term interests of the shareholders with those of the executives and in making compensation more sensitive to risk.

May 2011 |  Read Article

Obama Budget Targets Coli And Drd

The latest Obama budget targets some insurance tax provisions.

April 2011 |  Read Article

What The New Estate-Planning Provisions Really Mean

Beyond the big news about the new exclusion and rate, the revised estate tax law details mean planning requires some strategic rethinking

February 2011 |  Read Article

Sec Proposed Rules To Exempt Family Offices From Registration Requirements

A potential consequence of Dodd-Frank financial reform is that many “family offices” that have relied on the 15-client exemption could be required to register under the Advisers Act.

December 2010 |  Read Article

Small Business Job Act Permits Roth Conversions And Partial Annuitization

The Small Business Job Act of 2010 offers opportunities for in-plan Roth conversions and partial annuitization of nonqualified annuity contracts.

November 2010 |  Read Article

In Hunt For Revenue, Congress Aims For Grats

Grantor retained annuity trusts (GRATs) are in the crosshairs for revenue generation, so the time to plan is now.

August 2010 |  Read Article

Despite Lobbying, Estate Tax Unlikely To Pass This Year

Historically, congressional work in September and October of election years is truncated - majority leaders typically try to avoid tough votes that may sway elections.

July 2010 |  Read Article

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