How Will Annuities Help Americans Handle Longer Lives?

Updated actuarial tables prove that Americans’ longevity continues to jump significantly. How the industry is responding to these increased lifespans.

April 2017 |  Read Article

How Annuities Can Be Structured to Be Medicaid-Compliant

Setting up a Medicaid-compliant annuity enables a seriously ill client to pay for long-term care while preserving a financial quality of life for the healthy spouse.

April 2017 |  Read Article

AmeriLife CEO: IMOs Entering an Age of Consolidation

An insurance marketing group’s CEO gives insights into the changes facing the distribution channel that generates billions of dollars in annuity premiums each year.

March 2017 |  Read Article

How Annuities Unleash the Power of Delaying Social Security

Since the baby boomer generation has undersaved for retirement, many will need to consider longevity risk pooling through annuities.

March 2017 |  Read Article

IMOs Await Word on Reserving Conditions Under DOL Exemption

Marketing organizations say reserve requirements might be too high to conduct business.

February 2017 |  Read Article

FIAs Balance the Interest Rate/Bond Yield Seesaw

Why adding FIAs to a retirement portfolio can offset the risks of other investments and help retain satisfied clients.

January 2017 |  Read Article

Consumers Can’t Plan for Longevity If They Don’t Acknowledge It

Research shows that although consumers realize they are likely to spend decades in retirement, they don’t expect to save enough money to support themselves for a long post-employment period.

January 2017 |  Read Article

Why an Annuity in a Roth Is Such a Tasty Combination

The only thing better than getting income guaranteed for life is getting that income without having to pay any taxes on it.

December 2016 |  Read Article

Treasury Rule Allows Split Between Annuities, Lump Sum

A new rule will provide pension plan participants with more flexibility by giving them the option of a lump sum or an annuity.

December 2016 |  Read Article

What License Is Needed to Sell Annuities Under DOL Rule?

Being properly licensed to sell annuities under the fiduciary rule is easier than you think.

November 2016 |  Read Article