Hitting the Reset Button While Pursuing That Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal

Jocelyn Wright is transitioning from academia to focus on forming what she calls the agency of the future.

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Succession: Ready or Not

With so many agents and advisors aging out of the business, how are they planning for transitioning their practices? We look at some agency owners who are readying their successors for success.

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There Are No Little Things

An interview with Stephen M.R. Covey Big things come from small gestures. That’s part of the message Stephen M.R. Covey conveys to business leaders all over the world. In Part 2 of an interview with Publisher Paul Feldman, Covey explains how the details make the difference in winning clients’ trust.

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Tear Down This Wall

The cold war between fees and commissions stunts life insurance growth.

September 2018 |  Read Article

Adjust, Achieve, Repeat: The Rabjohns Method

Reginald Rabjohns never let setbacks get in the way of the hard work of success or of helping others find success.

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The Fast Lane to Trust

An interview with Stephen M.R. Covey Trust is the one thing that changes everything in business, says Stephen M.R. Covey. But trust isn’t built overnight. In this interview with Publisher Paul Feldman, Covey describes the value of trust in relationships and lays out the path for creating behaviors that build trustbased interactions.

September 2018 |  Read Article

Sisters Find Their Way Home

Two sisters in small-town Pennsylvania come back to the family agency to lead it into the post-captive agency era.

August 2018 |  Read Article

Mine Your Own Experience for Sales Gold

Focusing on ‘Why’ can inspire consumers to take action.

August 2018 |  Read Article

Reaching Retirement Alpha

An interview with Tom Hegna Tom Hegna built a career on creating happy retirements for clients. In this interview with Publisher Paul Feldman, Hegna explains why an advisor who claims to uphold the highest standard of care but ignores annuities is doing a disservice to clients.

August 2018 |  Read Article

Hall of Fame, Fall of Shame

The biggest sports stars are known for drawing large crowds inside the arena and living large outside it. Here are stories of how young athletes coped with sudden, massive wealth.

July 2018 |  Read Article

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