The Importance Of One Voice

Larry Barton of The American College discusses why all industry trade organizations need to join forces to present a consistent and amplified message to Congress and the public.

January 2013 |  Read Article

LIMRA: One Size Doesn'T Fit All

LIMRA research examines how advisors are using social media in their practices and what support they need from insurance companies in order to be effective.

January 2013 |  Read Article

NAIFA: What Advisors Need To Know About The Makeup Of The New Congress

A quick look at who’s who in Congress as the political scene quiets down from a divisive election and gears up for a new year.

January 2013 |  Read Article

MDRT: Five Key Elements For Top Production

How to develop five crucial components of your practice and combine them to create a template that will not just serve – but amaze – your clients.

January 2013 |  Read Article

NAILBA Panel – Fighting On Price A Losing Battle

The question of competing on price vs. service struck a chord among representatives of brokerage general agencies during the panel discussion, “Adding Value as a BGA” at NAILBA 31.

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The Arrogance Of Sales Gurus Makes Pariahs Of Us All

Larry Barton of The American College discusses the unfortunate phrases and attitudes employed by some insurance salespeople and how doing so reflects on the entire industry.

December 2012 |  Read Article

Ride The Social Media Tsunami

Larry Barton of The American College discusses the swell of business communications via social media, and the futile attempts of compliance departments to hold back the tide.

November 2012 |  Read Article

Estate Taxamegeddon Equals Opportunity

Nearly 15 million households could face huge tax liabilities on Jan. 1 if Congress allows the current estate tax law to expire. Advisors should be armed and ready.

November 2012 |  Read Article

Mdrt: Don'T Blow It With Social Media

Tips on what – and what not – to share, how often to post, creating a blog and more from a four- time MDRT Top of the Table qualifier.

November 2012 |  Read Article

The Dangers Of Monopolies In Financial Planning Designations

Larry Barton, Ph.D., CAP, of The American College discusses a recent provocative statement by a Financial Planning Association executive, and why a “one size fits all” mentality is detrimental to the average American.

October 2012 |  Read Article

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