Bumpy Ride Predicted for Individual Annuity Sales in 2017

Annuity sales are expected to see a drop in 2017, but 2018 could be a turnaround year as the marketplace adjusts to the Department of Labor fiduciary rule.

April 2017 |  Read Article

Put It in Writing: Building Trust Between Client and Advisor

A study revealed the differences between clients who have a formal written retirement plan and those who don’t.

March 2017 |  Read Article

Turning Up the Volume on Life Insurance Ownership

Some encouraging statistics on life insurance ownership by American households.

February 2017 |  Read Article

Today’s Middle-class Consumer May Be Different Than You Think

The definition of middle class goes beyond how much money someone earns.

January 2017 |  Read Article

Help Wanted: Managing Health Care Expenses in Retirement

Half of consumers know that health expenses can wreck their retirement.

December 2016 |  Read Article

Retirement Planning Becomes A Bigger Part of Advisor’s Job

As the population ages and accumulates more assets, the advisor’s focus shifts to planning for clients’ post-employment years.

November 2016 |  Read Article

Advisors Don’t Always Practice What They Preach

Clients assume their advisors have business transition plans in place for their practice, but research shows that’s not always the case.

October 2016 |  Read Article

Grow Your Practice While Helping Clients Shrink the Protection Gap

Three in five households have no life insurance or not enough coverage. Which households hold the most opportunity for advisors?

September 2016 |  Read Article

Advisors Must Know How to Pivot Online to Serve Today’s Consumer

Face-to-face remains the preferred method for most consumers to buy life insurance. But online buying is appealing to many consumers, and its popularity will likely increase.

August 2016 |  Read Article

How To Get Robo-Advisors to Work For You

The financial advisor business model will evolve to keep pace with technology as advisors look to include technology-driven alternatives in their practices...

July 2016 |  Read Article