Outrageous Advisor Marketing

Create your avatar client and eliminate your uncooperative and difficult clients.

January 2011 |  Read Article

How To Use Celebrities To Become A Celebrity

Becoming a celebrity is the key to dominating your market.

December 2010 |  Read Article

Cost Per Lead: How Much Is Too Much?

Whatever you do in your business, the true test is calculating your return on investment and cost per lead.

November 2010 |  Read Article

Beware Of The Google Slap!

A Google slap to my online Internet marketing friends means something totally different for financial advisors.

October 2010 |  Read Article

What Every Advisor In America Can Learn From Suze Orman

You might believe you are twice or three times the financial advisor that Suze Orman ever was. But love her or hate her, she has masterefully positioned herself.

September 2010 |  Read Article

What An Amish Miracle Heater Can Teach You About Compliance

A perfect example of a company that controls its own economy and commands a premium price in spite of any recessions is the manufacturer of the “Miracle Amish Heater.”

July 2010 |  Read Article

Are You A One-And-Done Closer Or A Client Advocate?

When you think of yourself, do you consider your prospect meetings as hard close, noholds- barred sessions, or do you think of yourself as a client advocate? My guess is that most of you consider

June 2010 |  Read Article

Prospecting Online: Pipe Dream Or Profitable Nirvana? You Decide.

As financial advisors, we focus on what works. We know that if we use our speaking skills and do the right kind of workshop, we will get good prospects. We know that radio shows can be effective,

May 2010 |  Read Article

Guarantee Something, For Goodness' Sake, And Bump Your Workshop Attendance!

Before you say it – I know. You aren''t permitted to guarantee anything – even something that is guaranteed – because it''s not compliant. Gotcha. Stick with me a moment, and I''ll clarify exactl

April 2010 |  Read Article

Don'T Climb The Ladder To Success — Leap To The Top!

In the February issue of Outrageous Advisor Marketing, I told you that developing your "superhero" character was the first step to dominating your local market. I even called you a superhero and

March 2010 |  Read Article

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