1. People Tools for More Sales

    People Tools for More Sales

    You wouldn’t use an axe to pound a nail into a two-by-four and you wouldn’t use a hammer to chop firewood. Dealing with people is no different – you need the right tools. In this interview with InsuranceNewsNet Publisher Paul Feldman, Alan C. Fox, author of People Tools, shares his secrets for cultivating business and personal relationships.

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Why Overfunding Life Insurance Makes Retirement Sense

Amassing large sums in a life insurance policy can create a remarkably efficient income stream for the right client.

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Guaranteed Universal Life: The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

Lack of flexibility and the low interest rates in guaranteed policies could put clients and advisors back in the situation that drove them toward the policy in the first place.

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New Role for Fixed Index Annuities: Inside 401(k)s

The upside-potential, downside-protection message resonates with small- and medium-sized employers.

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Regulators Refocus Scrutiny on Group Annuity Market

Employers that still have pension liabilities are showing renewed interest in group annuities.

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Clients Clamor for 'Mediclarity'

As the baby boom generation becomes the Medicare generation, advisors who are committed to serving the senior market will be in demand.

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Chasing Performance Can Lead Investors to a Calamitous Fall

The results of moving investments to the latest market winner are so terrible that investors are better off putting their money into the latest market loser for long-term returns.

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From M&A to LTCi: Seven Topics That Crossed My Radar Screen

Notable quotes heard during recent company meetings provide insight into what’s happening in the industry.

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How to Build a Pipeline of Client Evangelists

Be more assertive in obtaining referrals and testimonials, and watch your sales pipeline fill up.

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