1. Command & Conquer the Stage

    Command & Conquer the Stage

    Speaker, actor and former NFL standout Bo Eason, in the second part of his interview with InsuranceNewsNet Publisher Paul Feldman, describes how he takes command to create a compelling presentation.

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The Real Y in Technology’s ROI

One of the revelations that I had while writing this month’s feature on technology was the confirmation that doing the difficult thing now pays off in multiples later

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How Life Insurance Makes Millions for Retirement

Life insurance can be part of a strategy to manage market declines and shore up your client’s retirement account balance.

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How to Avoid Tax Disasters That Doom Finances

The transfer for value rule can lead to a tax that no one saw coming.

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Income Annuities Are Your Clients’ New Defined Benefit

The shortfall in retirement funding resulting from the move to 401(k) plans has prompted some to take a look at defined benefit alternatives, including guaranteed lifetime income annuities.

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Annuities Provide Retirement Alpha Without Beta

The public has yet to be convinced about the value of an annuity-based strategy on retirement income planning. Here is how you can convert the skeptics.

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A ‘Critical’ Leg of the Retirement Table

Life expectancy nearly doubled over the 20th century, but the cost of surviving is increasing at an even faster rate. People are living longer but not necessarily healthier.

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Fine Wine: An Investment That Could Go Sour

After hearing stories about record prices paid for fine wines, your clients may believe wines should be part of their investment mix. Here is what you need to know if your clients want to look into wine.

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The Last Word

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Stop Treating Financial Institutions Like Petty Thieves

The language and complexity of the financial services industry continue to intimidate consumers and prevent them from taking action.

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8 Quirky Closes That Save Sales

Here are some language techniques that can get your prospects to stop playing games with you.

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