1. Why the Middle Market Loves IUL

    Why the Middle Market Loves IUL

    Previous Life Insurance Awareness Months have featured debates about why the industry is failing to reach the mid-market. But this year, we find that the industry’s rising star, indexed universal life, is charting record growth by pulling in those clients.

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  2. The Simplicity of Success

    The Simplicity of Success

    We all know the saying “Keep it simple, silly,” but few of us take the time and do the work required to simplify our sales processes. An interview with Stephen Harvill

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How to Prevent Life Insurance Buyer Amnesia

A poll suggests the industry is neglecting to educate policyholders about the importance of reviewing their terms annually and following all major life changes.

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Foreign Nationals an Untapped High-Net-Worth Market

High-net-worth immigrants may be a potential market that you haven’t considered. Some information on what drives this emerging market and details you must consider in obtaining coverage for foreign nationals.

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In-Service Withdrawals Turn 401(k)s Into Paychecks

Annuities can leverage the 90 percent of defined contribution plans that allow for in-service withdrawals.

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How to Prevent Becoming the Next ‘Annuity Burglar’

Advisors can head off potential problems by integrating compliance-related activities into their business routines.

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Self-Insurance Can Ease Business Clients’ Pain

A well-managed employer health ownership plan can reduce spending by as much as 15 percent per participant.

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Survey Finds Modern Families Gripped by Financial Insecurity

More families defy the “traditional” label, and those families have unique needs and goals in regard to financial planning.

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The Last Word

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Don’t Allow Slackers to ‘Watch the Bay’

Your agency’s success depends on your ability to root out those employees who are not pulling their weight.

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Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Out

Returning to some of these basic ideas for getting started can help even a veteran advisor refocus on their practice.

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