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Freedom From Estate Taxes Without Loss of Asset Control

Wealthy individuals who hate to lose control of their assets might change their minds if they knew of a way to have estate tax freedom combined with flexibility.

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Follow the Right Road Map to Guide Clients to IUL

The road to attaining sufficient retirement income can be potholed by rising inflation, taxes, soaring medical expenses and long-term care costs. Indexed universal life insurance can help smooth the ride...

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RMD Expertise Can Save Your Clients From Painful Tax Bite

Required minimum distributions from income annuities could yield a nasty surprise from the taxman. Here’s how you can avert any potential pain.

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How Creative Destruction Shapes the Fixed Annuity Market

Some wins and losses in the annuity space prove the theory of a famous economist back in 1942.

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HRAs Help Small Businesses Preserve Benefits, Save Money

Here is how to set up a strategy that can be used as a funding mechanism to improve a standard health reimbursement arrangement.

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Farmers, Ranchers Need a Special Breed of Retirement Planning

With the average farmer approaching retirement age, there is an opportunity for you to provide the special planning that farmers need to have the type of retirement they envision.

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LIMRA Insights

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Advisors Must Know How to Pivot Online to Serve Today’s Consumer

Face-to-face remains the preferred method for most consumers to buy life insurance. But online buying is appealing to many consumers, and its popularity will likely increase.

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Top 5 Reasons to Walk Away From a Client

Sometimes it’s just not worth holding on to a relationship that is not salvageable. Here are some scenarios when it’s all right to fire a client.

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  8. Bill's Formula to 100K a Month in 90 Days (or less)

    Download the simple 5-step formula that Bill used to go from making 8K a month to over 100K a month.

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