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The Real Y in Technology’s ROI

One of the revelations that I had while writing this month’s feature on technology was the confirmation that doing the difficult thing now pays off in multiples later

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QLACs on Deck for Early 2015 Release

Qualifying longevity annuity contracts can be used in defined contribution plans and individual retirement accounts. Clients will need the help of an advisor in deciding where a QLAC fits in their retirement planning.

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Preventing Tax Pitfalls With the Right Life Insurance Policy

Successfully guide clients and policyholders through the trickiest time of year.

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Cash Value Can Build a Bridge to a More Secure Retirement

Only 26 percent of pre-retirees have cash value insurance. They obviously don’t know the product’s real value.

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Big Changes Ahead: Index Product Trends for 2015

New indices, standardized illustrations and long-term-care riders are among the changes that will dominate the index product landscape in the coming year.

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Why Ken Fisher Loves to Hate Annuities

Ken Fisher’s annuity-hate ads might be galling, but regulators are not jumping in.

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Large Employers Cut Costs by Opening Health Centers

Advisors can help their large group clients cut their deficit spending and create millions in profit.

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15 Minutes Could Save Your Client’s Retirement Plan

Use your next client service call to examine their company retirement plan options.

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The Last Word

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Stop Treating Financial Institutions Like Petty Thieves

The language and complexity of the financial services industry continue to intimidate consumers and prevent them from taking action.

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How to Put Your Agency on Autopilot

Spend less time setting appointments and have more time available for marketing and other sales-related tasks.

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