1. 2016 The  Year of Flying Dangerously

    2016 The Year of Flying Dangerously

    Headwinds from the DOL conflict of interest rule have blown the insurance industry off its course, but an advisor’s answer to that terrifying flight might show a glimpse of a way out of the turbulence.

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Whole Life and IUL? Why Not Have Both?

Offering a new type of paid-up addition would give permanent life insurance a new twist and give clients the best of both worlds.

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Shareholders Stake Shaky Claim in Unclaimed Property Cases

Unclaimed property has been a focus of regulators and plaintiffs’ counsel for the past several years. Now shareholders of publicly owned insurers are jumping on the bandwagon, with mixed success.

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Why an Annuity in a Roth Is Such a Tasty Combination

The only thing better than getting income guaranteed for life is getting that income without having to pay any taxes on it.

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Treasury Rule Allows Split Between Annuities, Lump Sum

A new rule will provide pension plan participants with more flexibility by giving them the option of a lump sum or an annuity.

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How DI Can Be the Key to the Executive Boardroom

Making inroads with C-suite executives can open the door to larger sales.

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A Family Limited Partnership Eases Bite from New Gifting Rule

An important deadline is coming up for your family business clients at the end of the year.

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Help Wanted: Managing Health Care Expenses in Retirement

Half of consumers know that health expenses can wreck their retirement.

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Googleproof Your Reputation by Managing Online Reviews

Today’s consumers want to see online reviews of a company before committing to doing business with it. The strength of those reviews can make or break your reputation.

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