1. The Future of Retirement Planning

    The Future of Retirement Planning

    An interview with Joseph F. Coughlin. In this interview with InsuranceNewsNet Publisher Paul Feldman, Coughlin describes how the agent of the future will guide clients into a new type of retirement.

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Design an IRA Legacy Plan With Life Insurance

Channeling after-tax individual retirement account distributions into guaranteed no-lapse life insurance can create a significant legacy for your client’s heirs.

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IUL: Accumulation vs. Protection

Advice on an indexed universal life strategy touches off a debate on positioning the product with prospects.

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The Search for Defined Benefit Alternatives Turns to FIAs

As employers who still have defined benefit plans search for other retirement solutions, fixed index annuities may become an attractive choice.

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Advisors Still Not Warming Up to Annuities in Retirement Plans

Despite the greater focus on annuities by government and retirement professionals, annuities maintain a relatively low profile in defined contribution plans.

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How to Keep Millennials Happy in the Workplace

Millennials have a reputation for being job-hoppers. Here’s one way in which your employer clients can help keep millennials happy over a longer term.

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Hot Estate Planning Techniques Made Hotter by Obama’s Budget

If your clients might need a GRAT or dynasty trust, now could be the time to set them up.

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The Last Word

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Stop Treating Financial Institutions Like Petty Thieves

The language and complexity of the financial services industry continue to intimidate consumers and prevent them from taking action.

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Career-Damaging Listening Habits and What You Can Do About Them

Many of us are terrible listeners who have picked up bad habits in the workplace. Here are some suggestions on how to fix those bad habits.

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