1. How to Be a Whaler: Outfitting Yourself to Land the Big Cases

    How to Be a Whaler: Outfitting Yourself to Land the Big Cases

    An interview with Frank Kern He’s the self-proclaimed “King of the Internet,” having sold millions of dollars’ worth of products and services online. Frank Kern is convinced that the reason advisors don’t land “whale” clients is because they use minnow bait in a minnow pond. In an interview with InsuranceNewsNet Publisher Paul Feldman, Kern gives his secrets for attracting bigger clients so you can spend less time chasing small clients.

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Consider a Cover Letter to Help Your Client’s Underwriting

A cover letter accompanying the life insurance application can help bring your client alive in the underwriter’s eyes.

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When ‘No Exam’ Life Insurance Is the Best Option for Your Client

Whether your client is short on time or is afraid of needles, a no-exam policy might be the best way to obtain coverage.

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FIA Pioneer Looks Back at Annuities’ 20 Years of Success

As fixed index annuities pass the 20-year mark, the leaders of one carrier take a look at why they are still selling the product and why FIAs continue in popularity.

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Preserving Wealth With SPIAs

A single premium immediate annuity can help your clients pass along assets that they will not need in retirement.

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Talkin’ About My Generation’s Benefits

Each generation has a different take on life and work, so voluntary benefits advisors can help employers increase their hiring edge with a tailored approach.

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Which Asset Placement Offers the Best Tax Efficiency?

Clients might be looking for the greatest gain, but they might not be paying enough attention to tax impact.

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The Last Word

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Stop Treating Financial Institutions Like Petty Thieves

The language and complexity of the financial services industry continue to intimidate consumers and prevent them from taking action.

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Seven Trial Closes That Lead to Sales

Ways in which statements, questions and objections can be used to help the prospect take action.

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